Affligem Brewery – win an awesome pouring tray or trip to Belgium!

So I’ve been pretty busy lately; a trip to Portland for work, some traveling in Southern California, Anderson Valley’s Legendary Boonville Beer Festival, local camping, BNA7 and the National Homebrewers Conference in Bellevue. Combined with general laziness and working the busy summer schedule at work, I haven’t been able to post much, but I’ll be remedying that soon! Hopefully a new camera too; to inspire me to take more pictures of events and breweries.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about a free contest you should take advantage of. A little while back I received word of this contest put on through a partnership between DRAFT Magazine, The Flanders Tourism Board and Affligem Brewery. I’m a digital subscriber to DRAFT Magazine and think Affligem makes a great Blond so imagine my excitement when I received an e-mail asking if I wanted a pouring tray!

They’re giving away 200 of these pouring trays plus you can also win a trip for two (including airfare, hotels and some money) to Belgium for the Belgium Beer Festival in Brussels, as well as a tour of the Affligem Abbey and Brewery where beer has been brewed by monk’s strict traditions for over 900 years, and which from what I can tell is generally closed off to the public. Looks like you also get to tour the Mort Subite Brewery! No purchase necessary! Affligem Blond is included in the pouring tray and an excellent example of BJCP Style 18A, Belgian Blond, and is one of the Commercial Examples listed that exemplify the style.

Here are some pictures of the Affligem pouring tray they sent me:

Affligem Pouring Tray BoxAffligem Pouring Tray Box ContentsContents.

Affligem USB Memory StickYep, that’s one awesome USB memory stick in the top left.

Affligem Pouring Tray SetupSetup.

 You might be wondering what that little glass on the left is for… it’s for the yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Since Affligem is bottle conditioned with yeast for carbonation, there will be a little sediment on the bottom. Some people gently pour the beer into the glass and discard the bottle with sediment, while some pour everything into their glass. Unless it’s a Bavarian Hefeweizen, I usually gently pour a beer leaving behind the sediment until after I’ve finished, then consume the leftovers. I’d never seen this before but I think it’s a great idea as you get the clean taste of the beer without all the yeast sediment and then can get the nutrients from the yeast after you finish (or you can blend the two to your pleasure) and it makes for great presentation.

Here’s a video of Affligem’s “Perfect Pouring Ritual”:


So check out the contest here and poke around DRAFT Magazine‘s website.

Also visit the Flanders Tourism Board website. You might want to request a free Belgian Beer Routes Map while you’re there. I did and can’t wait to go back for a visit!

Of course, check out the Affligem Brewery website to learn more about their beer. Also “Like” their Facebook page, looks like they also give out additional entries on there!

Stay tuned for some more posts, especially if I manage to brew this weekend.

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